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HS Summer Assignments

AP United States Government AP United States History The AP United States Government and AP United States History courses require all enrolled students to complete a summer assignment prior to the first day of class in August, 2017. A test will be given based on the summer material at the end of the first week. Summer Assignments are not optional. If you have any questions or need help, contact Mr. Vitale at AP United States Government Summer Assignment 2017-2018 AP United States History Summer Assignment 2017-2018 English - Honors and Standard The English Department at Northwest School of the Arts continues the expectation that all students will continue their ed

MS Summer Assignments

Below is your 2017-2018 Summer Reading Assignments for middle school students at Northwest School of the Arts. Please note, these assignments are required and students are expected to bring their completed assignments with them during the first week of school (in cases on the first day). Please find your assignment(s) below and read the documents carefully. Happy Summer reading!! 8th Grade Summer Reading Assignment Book Assignment: Read Hiroshima (Mass Market Paperback) Edition by John Hersey. Annotate each chapter of your book. For information about annotating, read the article “How and Why to Annotate a Book”. Please bring annotated books and assignments on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 day o

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