Passport to the Arts

Whether you are new to NWSA, or have been part of the family for several years, the school is embarking on a new policy.

You made the important decision of sending your child for an arts education at an institution of learning that is recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the best public visual and performing arts schools. U.S. News and World Reports ranked NWSA in the top 3% of all high schools in the nation.

Our new policy is simple. There is more to an arts education than classroom instruction and your child’s night to perform or exhibit. NWSA is flourishing with artists who are musicians, dancers, actors, vocalists, and artists to name a few. We want you to make the commitment to have our students attend no less than two performances and/or exhibitions outside their major. Each student will be issued a “NWSA Passport to the Arts". Each time they attend an after school event outside of their major, their passport will be stamped, dated, and signed.

Print the 2016-2017 Arts Schedule

Not only will our students be exposed to all the magic and talent of their peers, each completed passport will come with additional benefits, such as the opportunity to partake in field trips (besides their major), entry into special raffles for prizes (compliments of the PTO), free popcorn, and many additional surprises.

Arts means different things to different people. Exposure to all the arts is an opportunity to nurture children to find truth through imagination, effort, collaboration, and cultural literacy. The arts represent a unique form of communication that can occur between artists and the individuals who encounter their works. For this communication to provide its full benefits, those individuals need to experience the work in a way that engages their emotions, stimulates their senses, and challenges their minds to a process of discovery. In other words, the aesthetic experience requires works of art that can elicit such a response (supply), opportunities to encounter those works of art (access), and people who seek out such encounters and can find value in them (demand). It follows that arts policies should support all of these conditions.

Please take that important step and make the commitment to further your child’s art education.

Written by Mr. Nagel, NWSA Arts Director

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