Help a Student Plug In

Every middle and high school student at NWSA now has a chrome book for classroom use and it’s really important that everyone has a personal pair of earbuds each and every day.

On Wednesday November 2, all students will participate in an online course, Digital Citizenship, about the appropriate and responsible use of technology. Please be sure your student(s) come to school with earbuds.

PTO Earbuds Fundraiser

Some families cannot afford school supplies. Please sponsor a student or a group of students in need by making a donation to the PTO Earbuds Fundraiser today!

Friends of NWSA PTO supports our school’s digital learning program and believes every student should have the opportunity to learn safely and without distraction for the entire school year.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 by November 2 - every penny will go directly to the purchase of new earbuds that will be donated to a NWSA student in need.

Sponsor a Student Today:

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