Letter from Our Principal - March

Hello, Northwest School of the Arts Community!

Currently, our hearts are broken by the recent tragedy in south Florida. Our students have written some amazing letters to the students there, who returned to school only this week, and I have written words of encouragement to the principal. We have some procedures in place that are, admittedly, in need of tweaking, but students and parents have stopped by to thank us for locking doors and insisting on safety. I will be letting kids know every time we have a fire drill, now, and I am telling you parents that there will be a tornado drill at our school on March 7. Let your kids know that you know about the drill.

Reminder: Report cards went home on the 16th of February, and progress reports should have gone out today and yesterday. Remember that, if your student is having a problem, you need to contact the teacher FIRST, and then the counselor to meet to find resolution to the difficulty. Teachers need to have at least 2 formal grades for each quarter in year-long classes, and these need to be rigorous assessments of student learning. Teachers are not supposed to put in these formal assessments without leaving time for parents to work with their students to get them ready for retesting. Students must attend some sort of tutorial or do some sort of teacher-generated remedial work prior to retesting. Counselors have scheduled conferences with students who may have failed one or more subject areas, and a phone call went out to the homes of those students, so parents can support their students needing the extra help from home. In addition, calls and letters went out for the Academic Probation list, letting students and parents know that until students’ grades come up, they will have limited opportunities to perform or exhibit. We will also be meeting with ninth grade students who are failing and are in danger. We hope to make honor role phone calls again, this quarter!

Our PTO began a movement to show “Screenagers,” a film about the dangers of social media in today’s world. I am happy to tell you that the Tuesday night screening of the movie played to a full house, and the panel discussion was exciting!

Our Media Center Book Fair will run from March 12th to the 16th, and proceeds will benefit our school. Our Fair will be open during new student registration iobn Tuesday, March 13th until 6:30. You can visit our online Book Fair at scholastic.com/bf/northwestschoolofarts from the 12th to the 20th.

Parents, please keep your New Year’s Resolution to not drop your student off prior to 8:30 AM., and please pick your student up prior to 4:30 each day, if your student is not riding a bus. We won’t be able to stay with late children in the evenings, and it could cause a revocation of your student’s ability to attend school, here. If you have a transportation issue, please call CMS Transportation at 980-343-5710. Do not call the school. If your student needs a bus, please contact Transportation. Parents, please do not tell your child to wait in the carpool area at the back of the school after 4:30. We bring students up front for their safety.

Please remember, students and parents: we do expect wonderful student behavior from all our students. Not to do so on a consistent basis may see your return to your home school. “U.S. News and World Reports” ranks us as the top 2.25% in the state, and the top .03% in the nation. There is no way we could do what we do without parent support. I encourage you to join the PTO and your child’s booster organization. The last PTO Coffee with the Principal event on February 8th went very well, and it gave me a chance to really connect with some good folks!

Auditions are wrapping up. If anyone has a student who wants to add or change a major, please contact Ms. Donkle, ASAP. The same thing goes for families with NWSA siblings, hoping to come, next year.

My door is always open to my children and their parents. Thank you so much for keeping your hearts open for me!

Ms Melody Sears

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