NWSA March 14th Walk-Out Day

A message from our Principal Ms. Melody Sears:


By now, you have all heard about the March 14th Walk-Out Day planned for all high school students across the nation to express sorrow over the Stoneman-Douglas High School shootings, and our student leadership wanted to also organize some activities concerning gun violence, as well. They have submitted a plan, and our administrative team has met about this. A copy of this plan has been sent to our zone office.

We need to stress that this plan is for second block, tomorrow, after attendance has been taken. No other demonstration has been planned, and we are incorporating the honoring of the 17 students with this orchestrated event, planned by student leadership and monitored by our school adults for student safety.

Here is our plan for the 14th. We went over it with our SRO and our admin team, along with our student leaders, and school staff will be monitoring for student safety.

For High Schoolers Only, the first half of 2nd block, students will be able to opt to stay in class or go to the bus lot. On the bus lot, a variety of student voice activities are planned.

Next, students will transition to the auditorium. Once in the auditorium, students will view this PowerPoint : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15UyB7Lq0CWThBNF62HGuI5B7GtN99oZKeilqj3fvivg/edit?usp=sharing. The video with this PowerPoint can be seen on South Meck's web page, though our students have added stats on gun violence in slides they will be showing, so parents can view the video and decide whether it may be too intense a video for their student). We will then have last remarks and a group picture of the participants.

Next, students go to 3rd block classes and lunch, as usual. In the cafeteria during the lunches, high school students will have the chance to sign posters, expressing encouragement to the students at Stoneman-Douglas, which will be sent to the school, and there will be a table of students who will be distributing voter registration forms for students 16 years of age or older. Individual students will be responsible for mailing off his or her own voter forms.

Middle Schoolers will have the ability to write messages on post-it notes in class and place those on the message board in the cafeteria when they go to lunch. These post-it notes will go to Stoneman -Douglas High School. Teachers may allow students to talk about their feelings.

The bus lot and auditorium events are only for high school 9-12. Student participants will be given orange cloths to tie around their wrists which they can opt to wear or not for National Gun Violence Awareness.

No teacher should stop a student from these activities. Teachers should not allow other students to “bully” other students into participating or not participating. Teachers who are scheduled to teach that period will stay in their classrooms, so that students can feel free to stay in classes and be taught that subject curriculum.

I have told our teachers that they should not plan on giving a test or quiz during second block, nor should any student be penalized in any way for participating.

Parents who want to have their student opt out of the activities can write a note to me, Ms. Sears, and allow students to drop that off to me or the front office in the morning. I can not be responsible for your student electing to act either way, but count on you to discuss this with your student and view the power point via the link I have sent you.

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