Principal Sears May Newsletter

Hello, Northwest School of the Arts Community!

We are in the home stretch with our exam reviews, AP testing at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church site, and preparations for our EOC’s and EOG’s. Final performances and exhibitions are winding down, and we are settling in for our graduation rehearsals on June 5th at 7 PM at Ovens (mandatory student participation required at rehearsal in order to walk on June 11), senior week events, awards presentations, and field days for some grades. I am sending home this newsletter, the calendars for May and June, and the testing calendar.

We should be getting the forms for any end of year exams early release days for June 5-8 in a bit as well! Our testing schedule is going to be different, this year. CMS transportation will not be sending busses early on June 5,6,7, and 8, but we will be sending forms home so that parents may be able to pick up students after exams on those days. We will be sending home a form that is going to be for all of the days, so we can put these into the system all at once.

Reminder: Progress reports go out on the 17th and 18th of this month. Parents need to have checked Power School to make sure students do not have missing assignments and are currently passing their classes. Remember that, if your student is having a problem, you need to contact the teacher FIRST, and then the counselor to meet to find resolution to the difficulty. Please do this now. We want our students to have all the time needed to be successful. Students must attend some sort of tutorial or do some sort of teacher-generated remedial work prior to retesting. Counselors have scheduled conferences with students who may have failed one or more subject areas, and a phone call went out to the homes of those students, so parents can support their students needing the extra help from home.

In addition, calls and letters went out for the Academic Probation list, letting students and parents know that until students’ grades come up, they will have limited opportunities to perform or exhibit. We will also be meeting with ninth grade students who are failing and are in danger.

Remember that , next year, if we offer a course on campus, it will NOT be offered online unless there is a scheduling conflict with a course needed for graduation or a student’s major class they must have.

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and our PTO began by delivering a variety of gourmet –Ms. Sebastian-made cupcake treats to our workroom! These parents are so wonderful at showing our teachers how much they are appreciated! Thanks!

On May 16th, our school will be closed for an Optional Teacher workday, as many of our hard-working teachers take off to march in Raleigh for increases in their wages. A parent contacted me, this morning, asking if I would allow her the honor of buying me one of those red shirts to show solidarity with these educators and principals. I was truly humbled. Here’s an idea. Adopt a teacher and present that teacher with one of those shirts. There are those to be had online, or locally. I know the teachers would love it, especially since this is Teacher Appreciation Week.

May 16th was to be the day that AP English 11 testing was scheduled. Currently, we do not have any information on a new time, but will keep you posted.

You know, our school does not normally have productions past May 15, but Disney called, and our kids, particularly in the middle school, have been given a stellar opportunity. I just could not say ‘no’. Check the May calendar for the show times. I think they may already be sold out, but please check. You don’t want to miss this one!

Ever since Ms. Strahan and the Leadership kids took it over, the proms have been getting better and better, and this year, Ms. Berry, with her team of teachers, including folks like Ms. Ehringhaus, Ms. Strahan, Ms. Curran, Ms. Toatley, Ms. Rowe, Ms. Andrews, Ms. McCloud, Nanny, Ms. Leeson, SRO Mobley and CSA Crawford, Ms. Kelvington, Ms. Hoffman, admin, and teachers’ parents, spouses and significant others, alongside Student Leaders made it one for the books!

There is no way we could do what we do without parent support. I encourage you to join the PTO and your child’s booster organization.

I am sending out the testing schedule, and it is a little different than in years past. CMS busses will not be able to pick up our kids early, but we will have early release opportunities, especially on June 5th-8th, if parents want to transport their students, or sign a pass for our car drivers to go home after exams. We will send home info., but please know that students must have a signed pass from parents, or they will not be allowed early release. We need more parent volunteers for testing! Please!

My door is always open to my children and their parents. Thank you so much for keeping your hearts open for me!

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” — St. Exupery, The Little Prince

~Melody Sears

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