Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner - May 4 - May 8! Traditionally Friends of Northwest PTO celebrates this special week with activities for our teachers every day from breakfast to small gifts left in the teacher workroom to Wednesday's Raffle Basket Give-a-Way and Fun Raffle Friday when everyone wins a gift card. Teacher Appreciation Week at NWSA has no doubt been a teacher favorite for many years.

This year our celebration will look different but we believe if we all work together we can pull this off and make this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week super special. Our teachers deserve it. The last 4-6 weeks have been extremely hard for everyone. Besides harnessing new technologies, building new e-learning plans, and bravely navigating the uncertainty of these times, we know our teachers truly miss being in the classroom and deeply miss our children. Let's show them how much we care, even if it can only be done at a distance.

Here's how you can help:

1: Donate to Our eGift Card Campaign Our goal is to raise $4,000 so every NWSA teacher receives a $50 Amazon eGift Card. Please make a donation of any amount to help us reach our goal. On Friday, May 8, we will make sure every teacher receives their Amazon eGift Card with a thank you note straight to their inboxes! The amount of money we raise will determine the value of the eGift Card we are able to send.


2: Take a THANK YOU Photo Send us a photo of you, your student and/or the entire family holding a THANK YOU to teachers sign. We’ll combine all photos into a short video to send out to all of NWSA and will share it with you and the NWSA family on our website and social media outlets.


3: Make a Yard or Window Sign It’s true our NWSA families are stretched out across Mecklenburg County (some of our teachers/staff live out of the county); however, we believe every teacher in the US, especially in NC deserve to be shown how much they are appreciated. Join us in creating a poster or sign to post in your yard thanking teachers for their hard work and dedication.


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