PTO New Board Positions

We need a strong PTO Board to offer the best to our students, faculty, and staff. Below are open positions that need filled. Ideally, a person would serve 2 school years in their role. Please contact us for more information by filling out the volunteer form.

Scale: Level of commitment required

1 5 most

Executive VP (President-elect): Elected Position. Incoming PTO president to serve one year in this role. Outgoing president will serve 1 year as Chairman. (5)

Volunteer Coordinator: Handle submissions to volunteer form. Connect volunteers with the proper committee. Help fill volunteer slots for school and community events. (3)

Publicity and Outreach Coordinator

Partnering with the President and Volunteer Coordinator to build communication within the school and the community. (4)

Grade Representative: Board representative for grade level. Must join a committee. (3)

Membership Coordinator: maintains membership roster and mailing lists for accuracy and recognition. (2)

Booster Seat: Representative of each booster to serve on board in general member capacity. This is to ensure coordination of efforts. This position is not required to join a committee, although we welcome it! (1)

Legal Counsel: Corporate/Contract Law expertise. Review all contracts proposed by and to the PTO. Advise on any legal or quasi legal questions that may arise during the year. (1)

Auditor: Annual review of transactions and reconciliations for accuracy. (1)

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