Speed Street Acts include our Dragons

Two dragons rocked Speed Street last Friday night, opening for Tonic, Better Than Ezra and Collective Soul.

Josh King is a senior and is an orchestra major. He has attended NW since 9th grade.

Sophie Miller is a sophomore and is a musical theatre major. She has attended NW since 6th grade.

We asked Josh and Sophie about their experience, and they were kind enough to share their experiences with our newsletter.

Sophie how did you land the gig?

Sophie told us "the event organizer reached out to me and asked if I would perform as the opening act for the headlining bands, which was initially supposed to take place in May of 2020. Because of the CoronaVirus, there were endless delays, but finally, I was given the option to choose between 90’s rock and country music and I knew I wanted to sing rock.

We wondered how does this performance differ from all your other performances as a freelance musician?

Josh replied "One of the things that was definitely different about this particular performance was the rehearsals. As someone who does a lot of freelance gigs, most of the time I get sent a list of songs and then we just go ahead and play them- definitely not used to running through the show several times. Obviously that’s a bit different when I’m doing a show in the pit orchestra, but when I’m on the stage usually I’m not actually part of the band playing so it was nice not having to rely on just my memory of listening through the set list once or twice."

Sophie how did you get connected with the band?

She said "I knew I wanted to perform with a live band instead of music tracks and I knew Josh King was an excellent guitarist, so I reached out to him to see if he wanted to be involved. He was on board and then he put the rest of the band together. The band is truly what made this experience so special. We only rehearsed together for about 5 weeks before the gig, which required a ton of work and a lot of rehearsals."

Josh do you prefer performing in an orchestra pit for a musical or on a live stage?

"I’ve never really had a preference when it comes to being in the pit or playing on stage. For me, as someone who does a lot of both, I just enjoy making music with people who I can connect with, and I hope that someone in the audience will hear my playing and decide they want to pick up music. I know how good it makes me feel when my influences encourage me to keep going, so I hope one day I can do the same for someone else."

What are major differences between performing in a musical compared to the Speed Street stage?

Sophie -"The most obvious difference for me is the fact that when you are performing in a musical, you are always performing as a character. Performing for Speed Street, it was just me. I have always said that I really don’t care what capacity it is in, I just want to sing for people. Singing is truly what makes me feel the most fulfilled."

Would you do it again? Sophie "Speed Street is the most fun I have ever had performing, so I am definitely hoping to continue to do things like it!"

Photo credit: Bobby Kerns Productions.

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