Transportation Announcement

We know that students and parents have had challenges with bus transportation due to the shortage of bus drivers. We have spoken with the district on ways to communicate useful information in a more timely manner and we hope to share some helpful next steps soon. A reminder that all bus stops and buses are managed by the district and not by Northwest.

Students are not allowed on campus before 8:45am unless it is part of rehearsals or established tutoring. Students must be picked up no later than 4:30pm. If this is not possible, we can request a regular bus stop. Regrettably families that will not meet these requirements, established for student safety, can face the possibility of being returned to their home school.

Parents, students should be arriving to school (unless the bus is late) in time to attend homeroom/SEL at 9:10am. Students arriving late and seniors without a first block class are still responsible for attending homeroom and ensuring that all Back to School Forms on the Homeroom Canvas page are completed and submitted online.

A reminder that students who do not follow the district's mask requirements face escalating discipline consequences.

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